BrownStake Music is a Cleveland based independent music production and publishing company founded by songwriter Matt Stake and veteran music producer Mike Brown of Lava Room Recording. BSM utilizes years of experience in the industry to propel its clients to the next level in their career. From pre-production to the fulfillment of CD sales and marketing, BrownStake has something to offer all bands and artists of all genres and all levels of experience and exposure.

BrownStake's clients receive discounted studio session rates from Cleveland's own Lava Room Recording studio and benefit from exposure to traffic from industry professionals, record labels, and music supervisors. Along with recording and production benefits, select BSM clients have an opportunity to publish their music to the BrownStake Music Publishing Co. catalog where its staff members work hard to secure synchronization licenses on behalf of the artist. BSM clients are currently placing music in many of todays hottest TV shows and films. BrownStake focuses on administration and rights management along with royalty collection for its members and has experience in copyrighting and registering clients with the performing rights organization of their choice.

BrownStake is seeking future clients and associates in all aspects of the music industry to include songwriters, music publishers, music supervisors, record labels, recording artists, management companies and advertising agencies.

If you would like to be considered for possible publishing opportunities please submit material to...

BrownStake Music
Attn: Publishing
5000 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44103